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Hey y’all I did go through the TL last night 'cause things went down last night and people wanted to be real.

So imma be real too. And I apologize if I ever pushed something too far. I Just say some stuff as a joke & to goof off, but I always tried to CW certain posts if I knew if it went to certain territory & I only ever brought things up or talked about them usually when people asked me to & explain. BUT that still may not have been enough so I apologize. 1/4

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UPDATE on JOVAN'S MERCH: use “Support” for 10% off and the profits will be donated

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Just gonna say real fast. When you mess up someone’s pronouns don’t make it a big deal, just say sorry you didn’t know or you messed up and move on. Don’t go “OMG IM SOSOR RY I REALLY DIDNT MEAN KT I KNOW / DIDNT KNOW THEIR PRONOUNS IM SO DUMB OMG PLEASEE IM TRASH WAWAW”— that’s not cool, it’s embarrassing & makes trans ppl uncomfortable & makes u looking you’re victimizing yourself when the real victim is the person who got misgendered & you used the wrong pronouns. Stop blowing it up.

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ahaha,,,,, we've decided to update @jovan 's instance rules again,,,, yes its been 7 hours since the last one,,,,,,

But this feels more appropriate.

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Pinning this, but here is the Mods List with an easy way to click on their @'s

★★Mods for EHJOVAN★★
★ Liam (he/him) @comradeyeojin

★ Sean (he/him) @Sean

★ Gabe (he/him) @Gaybeeee

★ Moon/Kaleb (they/them) @MoonEmoji

★ Emo (they/he/she) @EmoKiddio

★ Rebeca (she/her) @rebeca

★ Kayla (she/her) @patheticgirl43

★ Rachel (she/her) @rachel

★ Ellie (she/her) @elhenley


Took it from this thread if you want to gander at other idols in other interesting clothing

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no gf no tooter might have to get a therapist

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tooter is the perfect mix of an intimate group chat and a big ass social media classic entertainment thing you can’t get that anywhere else

mom issues again. 

Mom issues & mental illness 

i drawed for like two hours straight but im kinda doing something complicated so i got frustrated and gave up for now

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thinking about for a month tooter was broken and ever since it got fixed it hasnt been broke at all and now tooter may die

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