I almost snapped some kids ankle today on a ride. Did not know her foot was blocking a restraint aha

@osobunii for no reason just bc some people cant accept their faults

And I know you don't agree with me telling David. It wasn't something I decided to do like immediately either because I wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do either. But in the end I think David deserved to know and I couldn't just sit there and not tell him so I did. If you want to block or mute me after that I understand.

Bitches wanna act like the bigger person but still cry about nothing

Lil kid: why do i have to cross my arms

Me: so the lap bar doesnt chop ur arm off :^D

thinking about fat yoshi and smiling at my screen :fatyoshi:

I have to leave to woek in 15 min and im eating waffle in pajamas still

Alice u should work on getting disability. U get more rights

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United Nations of Jovan

gay rights!