you say one bitch has thick ass eyebrows and no personality and her kkklan comes after you🙄

sex this sex that bitch shut up and go hang your asexual flag🙄

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see in a few days after i finish reading twilight

hi tooter i’m back to say i hate dating apps and i’m starting to hate asexuals. they need their own app their puns make me SICK

stupid twitter locked my stupid account bc stupid ugly white hags think the body positive movement was made for the stupid skinny’s when in reality it was made by fat jewish/black women FOR FAT PEOPLE!!! and when i stick up for bigger people they lock my account. i hate skinny people and i hate america. signed by a stupid skinny american

about to enter to win carly rae jepsen tickets so i can live my best gay life hbu

these gays are fighting on catfish skdbkdgsj

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i hate when you tell ppl you aren’t a liberal and they assume you’re a republican ma’am i’m a commie pls stop 🥴

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