jovan can’t afford tooter this month ommggggggg

i literallt just saw an instagram ad for it and sent my info in and i qualified for the next round so they sent me a longer survey to learn abt my lifestyle and if i’d be a good candidate and then i just got a call from them that im a finalist and if i can pull 3 friends together they’ll literally fly to Houston on sept 4th.........bruH

and i called tillys to confirm its real and it is

i can’t believe i actually got approved for the study like shhdjshdhfkfjfj it’s for tillys and i get a $150 card tospend at tillys and $150 to spend at other stores in the mall and i just have to host a little interview thing with the researchers and then 3 friends and the friends get $100 gift cards too AND tillys is paying me back for any food I buy for the interview session

brennen make ur name little miss back pain again i miss her

wassup tooter i just got chosen for a consumer research study and im getting a $300 shopping spree

me and carla finding out we have a mutual friend bruh moment

did y’all know me and carla are actual irls now we been hangin out like every day

just had to submit a form to the IRS to get an employer identification number i feel so adult but also so baby

this is the most active tooter has been in a hot minute hello everyone

all that happened last night for me was eating a whole pint of half baked

i’m deaf in one ear so the representation would be dope but ariel and eric should definitely be closer in age

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