i think wanting to watch jovan's instagram live thing is the first time ive ever actually wanted to use instagram and as such have no idea how to watch it

like on the anime knocker scale im a 2, maybe 3 at best, and im proud of the girls

level 4 anime knockers is still pretty big id say thats sth to brag about

run ur own shit and support ur marginalized favs that run their own shit, corporate internet services and social networks only want us dead

there's also t he time i got banned from twitch for a month and literally had money taken from me because it cancelled all my twitch subscribers for heterophobia because i said "kratos wouldn't have to do any of this if he wasnt a filthy hetero" in agdq chat

but yeah thats why i run my own mastodon instance now and im glad jovan does too, i cant trust these corporate social media fucks to not fuck me or my queer family over constantly

yeah twitter will do pretty much anything to let nazis do whatever they want and get those mouthy queers to shut the fuck up, fuck twitter

i got my twitter deleted because some rando who showed up out of nowhere to call me a russian bot for linking the wikipedia article on the bellamy salute (???) started doing shit like telling someone who was only as involved as faving my tweet they are broken because they had tweets about their dad abusing them

ofc i told this asshole to go fuck himself and play in traffic, guess which one twitter considered abuse and which one it didn't

a lil bit of fediverse history for y'all, fedi kind of blew up last august because twitter started going hard on banning people from twitter permanently for saying fuck to nazis

oh trust me jovan twitter loves nothing more than to take gay folks' platform

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