WAIt what tooter is dying??? I haven’t been on today wtf

making friends with the RA by adding him to the wii tournament group chat >>>>

realizing my sore throat is from not washing my water bottle a ha ha ha

it really was alice!!! we had people in our room from 8:30-12 and we had people from different floors too!! it was fun

so long story short i’m so happy and we all have a group chat and there’s like 20 people in it and we’re planning on doing a wii tournament soon so I am HAPPY!!!!

so glad my aggressiveness payed off is literally yell at people until they came into our room like one girl straight up ran away from me and then came back and ended up being super cool

we left our door open and knocked on a bunch of doors and left messages on boards and lit rally yelled at people to stop in and say hi and at one point we had 20 people in our room and it was so packed and I had so much fun

I wish y’all were active I am so happy and content because of what happened tonight

but I still have 7 to chose from now and I really like one I just went to so I think i’ll be okay

a ha ha ha HA not me getting cut from the sorority I was in love with a ha ha ha hAAA

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