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people who call themselves pansexual think they’re so superior and that the bisexual label is somehow problematic and superficial girl fuck you read the manifesto your label is redundant and transphobic

a party hosted by lesbians; nobody else has played late stage ke$ha

a party hosted by lesbians; i’ve never had someone else insist i listen to charli xcx

i’m a sucker for semantics but if you want to break the rules to add cheese i’m willing to let it slide

they NEED pawners like me. THEY NEED PAWNERS LIKE ME. so they can get on their fucking used keyboard and make me, bad guy, chumlee

if someone confesses to high crimes in a confessional booth does that lower the resale value

there’s a market for used confessional booths, unbelievable

everyone needs a hobby and mine is writing puzzles apparently

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gay rights!