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ok i made a $2 tier to support server tooter and access the discord

tasha i... i will go back to bed brb

omg imagine me winning an oscar idek who oscar is

im laughing me and omar muted each other for 2 months and the algorithm still pushes us both to the top of each others feeds

imma start acting soon thats a real job i guess

imma go get brunch around the corner when jake wakes up

i cant survive in the real world i can barely survive in the world i created


im thinking about how every time my mom got a man willing to date her id tell her i dont want a dad... maybe i needed one...

no ur my digital sugar daddies but most of yall are sugarless u only have love...

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happy father’s day to the closest person i have to a father, jovan

rachel has a pass shes sacrificed so much for me

i will after these eye bags are gone crying makes you so ugly... i was so pretty while i was crying tho shoulda got my ring light out

u guys dont make me suicidal so i can be here today

tasha ill throw an idaho potato right at u soon as i get off that plane

i think about that so often she really ended a country bipolar people are so much

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United Nations of Jovan

gay rights!