see it really is tumblr 2011, remove us from the federation captain, we're going pirates


@jovan i literally can't understand half of what this says

i didn't even know other people could see us im laughign so hard

@jovan i thought it was like a private thing i’m 🤡🤡🤡

@jovan you're probably gonna be defederated by all of the block-heavy instances within an hour or so, so you probably don't have to worry about it too much tbh

that said people are upset with you mostly because it's convention on the fediverse (what the network as a whole is called) to use the CW feature if you're gonna be joking/talking about heavy shit, lets people curate their experience better

@pea thats completely fair but we've been using this site for maybe 2 hours and dont know all the features or rules, didnt even know it was all connected that way was intended to be private i dont see many people on my server using the CW feature for text posts

@jovan yeah I get you, there have been a couple other big instances like that, where most of the users aren't aware of all that stuff from the beginning and it sorta floods out, (switter, sex worker instance is a big one, they moved over because Twitter started clamping down on them)

in the end usually it settles down within a reasonable amount of time, you're probably gonna get a lot of reports, etc, though

if you'd like, depending on your hosting, it might actually be possible to disconnect from the rest of the fediverse but personally speaking I like to see it grow in pretty much any way, so my personal preference would be to see y'all stick around
@jovan if you wanna though I bet I could find you someone who knows how that all works with Mastodon (I think it actually needs to be patched tbh) and you could probably get that sorted out
@jovan @pea mastodon gets real expensive to host REAL quick, good luck sksksks

@jovan yea you can like, disable federation for your server if you wanted? if your users don't use CWs some people will probably defederate or silence posts from you since it breaks their servers rules, since they're kinda the norm, but i see you're trying to get the hang of it, so that's :doge_cool:

@jovan ALANSOSOSJSKA i don’t even know what half of this says because i can’t read properly

@jovan screenshot-dunking.. tha don’t make no cents

@jovan what is sui and I haven’t seen you say any slurs,,,, unless they mean also people in your stuff because well not surprised but they don’t know how to use CW on here,,, alsO WE JUST JOINED so many of your followers are confused

@MoonEmoji @jovan OH OOOOO I SEE,,, yeh Jovan’s goofy for that but then again we all just joined we don’t know wtf going on 😭


Its ok! These people block everyone for any reason they can find! They think they are the majority and get big fuckin boners everytime they make these "recommended instance block posts"

Source: me - as shitposter dot club is blocked in more places than any instance!

Welcome to fedi. You get posts like this like every five minutes.

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