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i haven't smoked in so long i kinda want to but i also wanna quit forever

my friend is drawing hentai for our other friend i want that bond

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don’t u know i ain’t.....fuckin w them good boys.....😉

my crush snaps me and i'm heart eyes again i hate me

what's happening huh i just see piss kink

oat milk kinda slaps but that shits expensive

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omggg i cant believe he said this 😞 😭 😖 💔

it's been a full week since i've smoked ugh sobriety queen

did jovan pay for a second month ... and if he didn't when does this get sniped

i want a cat but my dad hates them >:(

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i lowkey want double nose piercings but i don't think it works for me like the pretty bitches who have them

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