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Tooting is legal and also therapeutic.

i really didnt come out until i was 22 and when i did i just texted the groupchat “im bi fyi”


as representativ e i will swallow cum

jovan is our representative literally none of us could compare just stop

my friend asked me to connect her ipad to my macbook to restore it and when i plugged it in, her nudes popped up on my laptop screen

OMG by camila cabello was a banger idc

nut would calm my stummy right now 🥺

imagine being mentally and physically healthy lmfao

all men do is play 2k , get jealous, n lie

you know how bored i gotta be to watch locals ig stories

whats up guys im monica, Welcome to the Fuck Up a Potential Relationship in Less Than a Month Challenge

i left this guy from tinder on read on snap and he keeps messaging me and im literally scared to open the messages

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United Nations of Jovan

gay rights!