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anyways can these ppl pls speak up and shoot their shot pls im dying

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valeria saying um for a minute and thirty seconds (voice reveal compilation) (campaign speech included at the end)

i think staring at oomtc's face, cuz im making her on the sims mobile, is a good thing and not at all gay :)

Redfoo: I'm sexy and-
Pitbull: -I know it!
Redfoo: (blushing) omg pitbull, What are you doing here?
Pitbull: I had to come support my baby on his big day. (kisses Redfoo)
Redfoo: Aw, Pitbull, I have something to say.
Pitbull: What is it, baby?
Redfoo: I- I love you.
Pitbull: (smirks) I love you too Redfoo. C'mon, let's get out of here.
Redfoo: Okay (they walk off the stage, holding hands)

i think heterosexuality is a good thing πŸ’‘β€πŸ’―

good morning tooter! what a beautiful day to be straight! <3

everytime i make soup i wonder if brennen would approve of it

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gay rights!