I just spent 40 minutes outside my house bc my dad decided to leave the key in the door and absolutely no one was answering the phone or anything, I almost gave up and slept in the lobby 😭

my villain origin story is that time I ended up number 2 on a waiting list for my first option for college and didn't get it

I put my make up on and im ready to be a hoe for the night

i used to think that song said "you're giving me sex sweet nothing"

can florence be in another edm song i need it

I did the face app thing to look like a dude and honestly i deserve to be prince Eric not Harry styles

i nominate the witches for Best Redemption Arc

someone on twitter asked what is your favorite kind of apple and ppl are replying with pink lady, honeycrip, etc, i was gonna say green

i need to get it on with someone this summer, my vacation can NOT be boring 😤

everytime i log in someone toots hungies

i had tinder for a hot minute and it made me realize how easy men are

I had to walk some 15 year old to some street where his friends were hiding from a gang lmfao

i got drunk on sangria if this isn't the most spanish thing you've ever seen.....

ppl now act like having twitter is a personality trait

im convinced my art teacher was racist or else i just don't get what he had against me

how many hours a day were you guys in school

here we don't have all those cool classes or anything, like ppl got excited bc we could take psychology in senior year

i knew a girl in hs that played uke, drew manga, had a pixie cut, and probably listened to screamo music, like girl tumblr is meant to be kept on the internet

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