i’d like to think slayyters “hello kitty” is referring to saying hi to your pussy

i’m not saying I want to suck a cock in the airplane bathroom but like if the opportunity presented itself

any gorls wanna kiss to confirm my sexuality

my 50+ year old manager called a 15 year old employee “eye candy” im.......

euphoria episode was crazyyy nate is a psychopath

body dysmorphia actin up so we fasting for 12 hours what it do babyyyyyyyy

feeling extra depressed today let’s see if I make it through my shift without lashing out

the only perk of working at cold stone is the white chocolate chips they are a SERVE

real talk tho will a guy ever be able to look past my fupa and love me for me

remember when u photoshopped my face on to a rhino

excuse me brennen graphic design is my passion

the customer service industry is such torture id rather listen to ed sheeran

why are step parents so bad at minding their own business

my manager called me at 8 am to yell at me bc i didn’t leave the strawberries out to thaw bitch i’ll kill you

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