can’t sleep have to be up in four hours life is not excellent :fatyoshi:

tooter is the perfect mix of an intimate group chat and a big ass social media classic entertainment thing you can’t get that anywhere else

tooter makes me feel free like i can toot “i” and y’all would understand

for example tooting AHHHHHHHHH is acceptable but saying that in discord would ruin the vibes

ill miss tooter cause theres just some things u cant say on there like u can toot on here

imagine if veronica said “wtf yall still use this 🤣”

i have things to say.... i think men existing is a bad thing

hate when ppl who aren’t on tooter see us as one person (?) like they think everyone thinks the same things if that makes sense

the TOOT! button will never not be funny me

bruh so many words and yet nothing is said much to think abt

i don’t get angry that much but when i do it’s very over the top like calm down actually that was lie i get angry a lot and i’m always very angry maybe i should talk abt that with my therapist and not on tooter anyways... hands up hands tied

tempted to keep tooting lyrics of every song i’m listening to idk why.. but i won’t cause that would be annoying. af. but before i stop live fast die young bad girls do it well

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