while i was out of the country apparently comcast came back and turned my landline phone back on despite no one in my fam using it i’m PISSSSEDDDDD

they need to have an ANTM style elimination show for the candidates

i’m confused how there were more candidates in the second debate than the first shouldn’t they be decreasing in numbers as the debates go on

lmk why i’m smoking outside and this girl i’ve known for 2 weeks starts playing nobody by mitski i’m deceased

sierra boosted

if you didnt bitmoji dab to show you hate cancer you goin to hell on jah

is tooter broken again why can’t i delete

hold on wait a minute... y’all thought i was finished? i’m getting back on the tooter grind

stirring the pot on this tuesday evening

being a wannabe tumblr girl had such an impact on my psyche i’m way too edgy now

sucks that i can never have birthday sex bc if i get pregnant i’ll have a scorpio

will never recover from missing free slurpee day

my friend’s sister worked at children’s place or some shit and she said a woman took her kid into the dressing room, changed his entire outfit to clothes from the store, and walked out and my friend’s sister couldn’t do anything djfjdj

tf is good with dutch hotels only having one pillow on the bed .

praying for whoever on my floor is listening to back to december by taylor swift at full volume

haven’t been on in 2 days and 3 ppl that i followed/followed me are gone did some shit go down

i’m like gagging on my own perfume rn love that

yo if u say u don’t like someone don’t post a fckin picture with them??? wtf wrong w some ppl

friends being taken off netflix DOWN WITH THE LOCALS

and i can’t leave the convo bc it’s a text message group not imessage

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