Redfoo: I'm sexy and-
Pitbull: -I know it!
Redfoo: (blushing) omg pitbull, What are you doing here?
Pitbull: I had to come support my baby on his big day. (kisses Redfoo)
Redfoo: Aw, Pitbull, I have something to say.
Pitbull: What is it, baby?
Redfoo: I- I love you.
Pitbull: (smirks) I love you too Redfoo. C'mon, let's get out of here.
Redfoo: Okay (they walk off the stage, holding hands)

this movie fucking sucks might fuck around and watch enter the florpus again instead

the main character in this movie makes me want to punch her so bad omfg

edge of seventeen movie sucks why is everyone being so dramatic

had a real breakfast and went to the gym... just showered... feeling okay... i think health is a good thing

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