i drove to my school earlier to see how long it takes me to go across campus on a penny board and tbh.... debating on whether i should drop out or not

im so tired how do i tell the helicopters to stop being loud 😭

not the police helicopters circling my neighborhood roght now. WHAT NOW?

thinking about the soundcloud rapper that said i was going to die last night if i didnt follow him back.... okay mr unemployed with shitty songs

man on insta followed me and his bio is literally β€œi’m a psychopath” ... no words

found my 10th grade crush on tinder... was expecting so much more from him... disappointed

omg this app locked me out after i switched phones ... i missed u tooter

watching my brothers friends fix their car in my driveway through my security cameras... look into my car one more time bitch

jovan joining tiktok saying every app is a dating app.... good luck finding someone of age

boy i like is talkin to me .... and wont stop.... is this what it feels like to be appreciated

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