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r u tooting with other bitches yes or no

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ellie i was so close to saying that skjdslnshlkhkd

food, ed 

dude said “i like that butt u got” last night when i left the gas station i’m still disgusted

my social psych prof said some of y’all need to shut up

class before ours isn’t out yet is he really gonna hold us for the full hour and forty minutes i’m in HELL

it’s a cool ass social media internship and i loved the ppl interviewing me and they definitely liked me too :((

best interview of my life and i probably won’t get it bc of my class schedule FUCK MEEEEE

internship i’m interviewing for today is forty minutes away i’m a CLOWN

i made it to my senior year college house and i feel worse than ever ://

smoking a bl*nf at five am who do i think i am

i have a class on psychology of sexuality and oh i cannot wait

taking a jogging class bc. yknow. required to be physically healthy. so catch me being a skinny legend by fall break

jovan rly said noo dont kill urself im not a celebrity yet aha

why pay for lip fillers when i could pay a tooter to punch me in the face repeatedly

emmi my schedule is packed bc i took a stupid major and picked up a minor trust me u a smart one for that

out of drug and have a whole room to pack help

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