the fact that we're never given a chance to rest?? like not even siestas but we don't get proper breaks from work and everything is supposed to be fast-paced

the lucky charms leprechaun looks like he'll break your heart in one week

little caesar's crust is good shut up

i'm only eating pops bc i'm going thru it .

people really be eatin pops cereal

group spiral begins in 10 minutes !!!!

issa mood, issa vibe, issa toot, issa match

break up with the bird app, i'm bored

tootin tootin but i never thought you'd leave me, tootin tootin needed something to believe in

it's like i'm the universe and you be TOOT!

toot me toot me baby are you down can you let me know

imma toot and shout for what i love

i know that it breaks your heart when i toot again instead of ghostin him

you like my toots? gee thanks, just wrote em

it's me jessie and ari, if they toot me they sorry

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